Are you looking for a new challenge in your professional life and do you want to contribute your experience to an internationally active, medium-sized company with a family-like atmosphere? Work with us on the future corporate success of Günter Schulz GmbH!

We are active in industrial combustion and chimney construction, building construction and technical wear protection. We work with modern tools on exciting and varied projects for our customers.

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Günter Schulz GmbH & Co.KG

Do you want to aim high and aren't afraid of burning your fingers?
Then we are looking for you exactly for long-term employment in our company!

We are looking for high-flyers who can carry out special assignments at high altitudes, but also down-to-earth specialist staff who know what they want and take responsibility.

We have a good working atmosphere, short decision-making processes and flat hierarchies. We offer our employees a fair work-life balance without forfeited overtime. We invest in the professional future of our employees because we are happy to support and finance personal development and further training. We plan working weeks in advance.

Employee voices

Employee voices

How long have you been here?
"I have been with Schulz for 12 years and I also learned here. My job is building chimneys and furnaces - that was really a dream job for me. I do all kinds of masonry work, wear and tear work and chimney construction."

What do you like best about the company?
"The best thing about the company is that everything here is still a family affair and especially the colleagues. Of course, that's the be-all and end-all - you get along really well with your colleagues, and you also have a lot of personal contact with your colleagues. That's worth a lot."

Employee voices

Employee voices

What is special about the company?
"The cool thing about the company is that you do things that are not everyday. We are a specialist construction company and the work is a bit more exclusive than in building construction - that's what appeals to me."

What should a new colleague bring with them?
"He should be open to everything, he should understand fun and be committed."

How is the team working together?
"The cooperation is very good and if problems arise, they are solved."

What would a new employee have to bring?
"A new employee would have to have experience in construction - that is the most important thing. Training would be ideal. Driver's license is very important these days and initiative is important, but that's also what the good cooperation with us brings with it."

How is the team working together?
"I can only describe the team as [gesture thumbs up], so I haven't experienced anything better in my life."

What tips would you give a new applicant?
"Keep an eye on the apprentice and ask questions - that's important and without it it doesn't work."


How long have you been working here now?
"I've been working here for a few weeks and actually got the job by chance. I found out from a friend that they were looking for someone here and I applied and it worked straight away."

How is the team working together?
"The cooperation is very good. I work hand in hand with my colleague here and also take on many tasks independently. The trust in me was there very quickly, so that after training I was able to take on a lot of things on my own. If I need help, my colleague is always there and helps wherever he can."


What was your first impression of the company?
"The first impression was very pleasant. The special thing about our company is: the interaction with our colleagues - teamwork works very well. It's easy to talk to our boss - that's fine too."

What do you enjoy most?
"The variety, the different ovens and projects we do. You also sometimes work with metal or on chimneys. It's not always the same, it's always different work."


We look forward to seeing you!

"If you cannot develop further with your current employer, you lack a clear and structured workflow or you are looking for a new and growth-oriented work environment - then apply to us today! We look forward to hearing from you!"

(Holger Schulz, Managing Director)

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